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Nov 20, 2012 11:30am PST
. u.s. is stepping up diplomatic efforts. deadly airstrikes and rocket attacks continue. t.j. winick reports. >> reporter: this morning an israeli man armed with an ax and knife stabbed a guard at the u.s. embassy in tel aviv the guard was wounded but fired off a few shots, security wrestled the man to the ground. president obama is sending secretary of state clinto mideaa cease-fire between israel and hamas in gaza. >> the united states does not engage directly with hamas. hamas has not met the conditions that we've set for many years to renounce terrorism to recognize israel's right to exist. >> reporter: tensions are fraying in gaza. israeli jets cratering over 100 targets, killing five, gaza militants blasted off over 60 rockets at israel. abc news was there as one family bolted to their bomb shelter as the sirens sounded. with columns of tanks massing on the gaza border, israeli cabinet is stepping back from the brink postponing a ground invasion, for now. warning only a long term cease-fire could avert a dreaded ground assault. >> if a long term solution can be put in place thr
Nov 19, 2012 11:30am PST
became the first u.s. president to visit the country of myanmar in a quick stop over that included meetings with the president and a nobel peace prize winner who spent years under house arrest. thousands of burmese filled the streets as president obama joined by hillary clinton paid a personal call on suu kyi. -- at the university the president addressed critics who complained the u.s. has rushed too soon to avoid leaders here. the white house says the trip should not be viewed as a victory celebration but as an opportunity to press for urgent actions still needed there, especially freeing political prisoners and ending ethic tension. >> the president: you need to reach for a future where national security is strengthed by a military that serves uncivilians. >> reporter: it wasn't all diplomacy. he made a tourist stop at one of the oldest most revered sites in buddhism. president obama barefoot, as is required, poured cups of water over the showed -- over the shoulder of a by due. president obama has now arrived at his third and final stop in asia, cambodia for the economic summit
Nov 13, 2012 11:30am PST
with dextrin the same fiber found in many popular supplements sold in the u.s.. does it work? >> if i was trying to lose weight would you advise me to drink this soda? >> absolutely not, it is not healthy, >> i've read this, >> we are calling it pepsi poop. >> nice. the nutritionist add there is is no is up thing as healthy soda, pepsi special does contain calories no word on if and when it may go on sale in the u.s.. >>> new study stanford claims humans have been steadily losing intelligence, professor says advances in technology have made survival less stress and we no longer need intelligence to survive. he speculates as mutations in the human brain and erosion in intellectual capabilities he says we probably peaked as hunter gatherers when we were nonverbal. >> we have to multi-task these days you can argue that will make us more intelligent. >> still thinking about that diet drink. >>> next, the sun is setting on the twilight movie series. >> thousands turn out to see the stars in los angeles. ron: years ago i made a promise to provide the best for my family, in sickness and in h
Nov 2, 2012 11:30am PDT
did is on track to become the second deadliest storm in u.s. history some figures reaching 50 billion dollars. some wonder if a high-tech sea barrier could have stopped the storm surge that flooded lower manhattan and washed away parts of the jersey shore. some have proven effective in europe. the statue of liberty is closed so crews can inspect for damage many brandi hitt, abc7 news. >>> disney and abc are making monday a day of giving encouraging everyone to give to the sandy relief efforts. disney is parent company to abc7 >>> the october jobs report is out, it could impact tuesday' presidential election. analysts say more people without jobs started looking for work, 171,000 new jobs were added to the economy. katie marzullo is in the newsroom with the way president obama and mitt romney are spinning numbers. >> reporter: as it turns out the numbers landed in some grey area giving both something to seize upon to benefit their own campaign. >> the president: hello ohio! >> reporter: despite the small rise in the unemployment rate president obama pumped up ohio this morning. >> the
Nov 5, 2012 11:30am PST
at the gas pump than a week ago. average for regular $3.97. the first time below $4 since august. u.s. average $3.54. san francisco down 16 cents from a week ago. in oakland the price fell almost 20 cents. >>> appa lot of kids came down with something called giants fever on parade day. the san francisco unified school district said thousands of kids played hooky last wednesday, presumably to attend the world series parade. we saw a lot of kids from all over california. more than 4100 students in san francisco were absent that day, that cost the district nearly $160,000 in california funding. the state pays $38 a day for a student who shows up to school. the majority of school skippers were high school students. >> some tell us they were learning a lesson in perseverance and determination. >> that works we can go with that. >>> we have a winning weather forecast, if you like record temperatures. >> if you don't, it will change quickly. you can keep temperatures like this around for too many days. good morning, beautiful picture of the sun washing over san jose now. it will look almost
Nov 12, 2012 11:30am PST
from . the u.s. anti-doping agency stripped armstrong of his tour de france titles and banned him from out competing a livestrong spokesperson says armstrong has personally donated more than seven million dollars over the the years. >>> mike i heard a touch of rain may be on the way. >> a little, then the big touch a week from now you have a little bit to prepare. not going to be assange as it was last week. off to a yet start sunny no record highs. bull picture downtown san jose this morning. 2600 feet up on mount tamalpais back towards ocean beach, haze, no need to worry not a spare the air day. live doppler 7 hd, clouds on top of us, well away from the bay area up to the north that's where the storm track is going to stay over the next couple of days. a dip or two may try to fall in the north bay, i think mendocino, those counties probably closest it is going to get. as far as clouds, to the north visible satellite, all that snow that fell over the weekend up in the sierra, that hooks dining room than it did last week. temperatures 60 in oakland now los gatos everybody else mid to u
Nov 21, 2012 11:30am PST
has to be cleaned and sanitized. traffic along the great highway is not affected. >>> happening now, u.s. interior secretary ken salazar is visiting a controversial oyster farm. next week salazar is expected to announce a decision on whether to allow the company to continue operating there. its lease is set to expire at the end of this month. the parks service claims the farm is harming the environment and wants it closed. a review in august found the parks services environmental review lacked strong scientific support. >>> it is a tradition the day before thanksgiving city officials prepare holiday meals for it is sense who need help. salvation army vip turkey carve brought together members of the police, fire and army personnel and officials from city hall. more than 5,000 meals are being prepared and delivered to home bound san francisco residents. the volunteers benefit too. >> every time -- [ inaudible ] >> by the way, the mayor won the carving contest. salvation army volunteers will deliver meals to 5 -- 5100 starting tomorrow morning. >>> here's a live look from heavenly resort ca
Nov 26, 2012 11:30am PST
, workers above were trapped. the factory made products for wal-mart and other companies in the u.s. and europe. the bangladesh government has declared tomorrow a national day of mourning. >>> happening now, egypt's president standing by his decision to give himself sweeping new powers. today president morsi told the nation's tom judges that he acted within his rights. -- his move put him above any oversight, including that of the courts. opposition is denouncing the power grab as dictatorial and vows to press on with protests. >>> back from thanksgiving break congress reconvenes with 236 days to go before automatic increases and spending cuts known as the fiscal cliff go into effect this is a live look of the senate floor, you see mcconnell the minority leader speaking now. president obama and congressional leaders are not expected to meet this week they want give staffers more time to work through differences first. the president is expected to hit the road to lied public support for his proposal. -- road to mobilize public support for his proposal. >>> current secretary of date w
Nov 27, 2012 11:30am PST
's president. thousands are taking to the streets, throwing rocks, clashing with police near the u.s. embassy in tahrir square. angry protesters want president morsi to rescind decreases granting himself near absolute powers. morsi has tried to soften his position saying he is only increasing his powers temporarily. >>> palestinian officials say yasser arafat's remains have been reburied hours after being exhumed. it began early today under the cover of huge blue sheets. officials say samples were given to experts from switzerland, france and rush the former palestinian leader died of a stroke in 2004. the underlying cause remains a mystery. >>> visit to capitol hill by ambassador rice changing the mines of republicans who oppose her -- the minds of republicans who oppose her expected nomination to secretary of state. some say they are more troubled now than they were over her initial explanations about the deadly raid in benghazi. rice met behind closed door with mccain, graham and ayotte, three of her harshest critics. >> lisa argen what are you finding? >> visibility improving, a little su
Nov 28, 2012 11:30am PST
in bangladesh owned by a company that supplies retail chains here this u.s.. three factory officials have been arrested, accused of locking doors, trapping workers inside that inferno, 112 were killed in saturday's fire. the few who survived say they were told to ignore the fire alarms and get back to work. order books found the factory was making clothes for disney, pixar, wal-mart, sears and other western brands. >>> new study says that couch in your living room could be dangerous. researchers tested more than 100 couches and found potential toxic flame retardants in many, more than half contained some combination of flame retardant chemicals in the foam that pose a risk to humans. the american chemistry council say flame retardants in furniture are designed to save lives by preventing fires. >>> meteorologist lisa argen busy day today, all kinds of weather. >> yeah it was a little slow to get going in the early morning hours the wind came first then some burst of heavy rain. right now still looking at rain, coming didn't pretty good in our east bay and the santa cruz mountains. here's a liv
Nov 29, 2012 11:30am PST
, it is not the biggest u.s. prize in march of this year, three tickets shared 656 million dollars. last night nearly nine million ticket holders won smaller prizes. if you matched five out of six numbers, you will share in a prize totalling more than 130 million dollars. this is the 27th power ball winning ticket sold in missouri, the state ranks second trailing only indiana. t.j. winick, abc7 news. >>> former president bush is in the hospital being treated for bong kai 'tis. mr. bush has been at a -- bronchitis. mr. bush has been cured for the most part but still has a lingering cough. the family hopes the 88-year-old will be discharged by the weekend. office from 89 to 93 and the father of former president george w. bush. >>> happening now president obama hosting republican mitt romney at the white house for a private lunch. romney arrived this morning walked into the west wing alone. it is the first meeting between the two since romney lost to president obama in the november election. that get together fulfills a promise president obama made during his election night victory speech. the white house sa
Search Results 0 to 10 of about 11